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Confirming Corruption

January 22, 2017


Watching the hearing for Betsy DeVos was extraordinary.  In it she displayed a startling lack of knowledge of the most basic education laws and concepts. From her terrifying misunderstanding of the IDEA legislation to her epic fail in discussing  growth versus proficiency with Senator Franken.  She is clearly unqualified to be Secretary of Education.


So... why would the Twitter-In-Chief nominate her?  Money. Lots of Money. $200 million dollars to be accurate. Even in politics, that is a lot of political donations, with much of it going to the same Republican Senators that will be confirming her. 




Where did she get all the money? AmWay. If you're not sure what AmWay is or how it works, it's a multi-level marketing company.  What is that? watch this by John Oliver on multi-level marketing. TL;DR it's a scam. A scam that feeds on the hope for a better life for one's family, but in the end just drains them of resources.  


And that's the core of the DeVos educational philosophy too. Use the hope of a better education for your children by promising success through personal choice.  And that sounds great doesn't it? Doesn't every parent want the best for their kids?  Doesn't every parent believe they know what's best for their child?  That is what is so insidious about the DeVos educational philosophy.  


She is praying on the hopes and dreams of parents like a 19th century snake-oil salesman promising cures in a bottle. "Just buy this medicine and you will be better." "Just use your voucher and you will have a better school."  And like the 19th century snake-oiler that she she is, choice kills the patient.  School choice is not new, it's been tried, and tried, and tried, and fails


It's a great sales pitch that it convinces many. But here with DeVos she is not promoting it because she wants to improve education in this country, she wants to profit from it. She is an investor in a charter school, a student lending company, and a student loan collections company. She is making money on both ends and has therefore an incentive to see students attend private schools to make money, lend them high debt loads for college to make money, and then fail to repay them to make even more money. That's called vertical integration.  


Moreover, you can see the connection between DeVos and Pearson Education, through AmWay's parent company Alticor here. Where officers of these two titans of private control of education come together on a the Board of Directors of ClOC.  Is anybody shocked by this? 


As Secretary of Education she would be responsible for overseeing all of this, and enabling her to be as corrupt as she wants to be. No wonder she doesn't want school to be free... It would cost her money! 


If Betsy DeVos is confirmed as Secretary of Education, the Senate will be confirming corruption.  We cannot let this stand. Oppose DeVos!






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January 22, 2017

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